General Rules

1. These rules are general guidelines that we will follow to conduct the competitions. By registering for the competitions, you acknowledge that the organizers have the right to make changes to the rules depending on the number of participants.
2. The decision of the judges and organizers is final.
3. For those competitions that are based on participant ages, their age as on January 1st 2020 will be considered.
4. The goal of TCA Telugu Badi is to encourage children and their participation. We want to recognize and encourage as many participants as possible – without diluting the quality of the competitions. The general guidelines for number of prizes we intend to give are:
a.      Up to 3 participants in a category – only 1 prize
b.     Between 4-6 participants in a category – 2 prizes
c.      Between 7-10 participants in a category – 3 prizes
d.     More than 10 participants in a category – 1 additional prize for every 5 participants
5. Children who participated in reading and writing competitions last year and won a prize, are expected to register and contest at 1 level higher (than the previous year) If the child wishes to participate at the same level as last year, judges/ organizers will have the right to move and place the kid at the higher level.
6. Children who won prizes in reading or writing competitions at level 3 are requested not to contest this year to give a fair chance for others.
7. This is a time bound contest where organizers have to conduct and conclude contests almost in a military precision. Hence we request parents to be very cooperative and pay attention to the announcements of the timings for various categories.
8. Each contestant is expected to be present at the venue at least 30 minutes before their particular category starts whether it is poem recitation and/or elocution. Each contestant is expected to be present when their name is called upon the stage. In case the contestant is not present at that particular time but chooses to participate at a later time, after the time slot for their age group is done, he/she can still participate but cannot be considered for the prizes.
9. In all and any such cases, Judges/ Organizers' decision is final
10.The judges, proctors and organizers are volunteers who are serving the Telugu community of Houston. Please respect their time during the event.
11.Feedback is critical for the success of these events – and we appreciate your support. Please send your feedback on the event to