1.     Participants will be divided into four levels based on their age (as on Jan 1st 2020)
a.    Under 5 years
b.    5 – 7 years
c.    8 – 10 years
d.   11 – 14 years (below 15 years as of Jan 1st 2020)
2.     Vocabulary test will have 2 sections with 20 to 30 words- ‘match the following’ and ‘fill in the blanks’. For match the following, the words in Telugu will be printed in Telugu as well as transliterated in English.  
3.     Vocabulary contests involve translation of words from English to Telugu and written test will be time bound (15 to 20 min)
4.     The contestant will be given a list of words (or pictures in the case of under 5 years children) in English and will be asked to translate those words into Telugu. The complexity of the words will be age appropriate. For instance, younger children are expected to know simple household objects, basic numbers etc. Older children are expected to know more complex words.  
5.     Contestants who get equal points after the test will enter in tie breaker round to figure out the winners for 1 st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.